Tesla Model 3: Price shock for German customers

Was is worth waiting for?Are you kidding me? Cheap EV’s?


 Well, that's not the case with Model 3 from Tesla. Because for the first vehicles, which start rolling in March, whopping prices are being asked.

Electric car fans in Germany have been looking forward to their dream e-car for over 33 months. Since the first presentation of the Model 3 by Tesla boss Elon Musk on April 1, 2016 German car enthusiast have been fascinated by the vision of a long-distance EV for the price of 35,000 Euros and willingly they accepted a 1,000 Euros down payment fee. Only now, the first German customer can actually order their Model 3, as the delivery date has been announced for March 2019. But the price is a real shock.

The invitation comes via e-mail. "Your Model 3 can be ordered now," it says auspicious, the associated link leads directly into the configuration menu. Although it has been clear since a few weeks that the first models for Germany will only be available in the strongest and most expensive version at a basic price for the 258 kW / 346 hp "Long Range" model 3 with four-wheel drive and dual engine. As a customer it will need to take a deep breath when you see the price.


Tesla Model 3 "Long Range" now costs over 55,000 Euros

56,380 Euros exactly – for no less! And currently it is nothing more than a e-sedan in the format of a BMW 3 with a good 1.8 tons of weight and 425 liters of luggage space. But it promises the Californians 560 kilometers range according to WLTP standard, 233 km / h top speed and the 0-to-100 sprint in 4.8 seconds. Already clear: Tesla now delights the Aficionados of the first hours and days now only once with the real revenue makers, the basic version with rear-wheel drive and smaller battery will follow later. Incidentally, who decided to go for the 358 kW / 487 hp performance version with 30 kilometers lesser range, which is up to 250 km/h fast and in only 3.5 seconds to 100, starts at 66,100 euros.

But let’s continue the ordering process. Only the Solid Black finish is free of charge, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, Pearl White Multi-Coat and Red Multi-Coat cost between 1,600 and 2,600 Euros extra. 18-inch models are series, the 19-inch sports rims cost another 1,600 euros - and although it provides a cooler look, but it has less range – let’s leave that now. The 20-inch models presented on the website are currently not available for order. The premium black interior with heated and power-adjustable seats, four USB ports, two-cell phone docking station, premium audio system, tinted glass roof, electrically retractable, heated side mirrors, LED fog lights or satellite maps with real-time traffic flow display is in the lush and expensive starter pack included, for the black and white version it costs 1,050 euros more - and is purely a matter of taste.


When is the entry-level version of the Tesla Model 3 available?

Emergency Brake Assist, Front Impact and Side Collision Warning System the Model 3 has installed as standard, and who wants to have the "improved autopilot functionality", the almost autonomous driving vehicle is available at additional 5,200 Euros here. If you do not check this option now and you still want it later, you will have to pay 7,300 euros for retrofitting.

But what is the final price of the test configuration with "long range" drive, red paint, black interior and - sure is safe - the autopilot equipment? Do not be alarmed, these are whopping 64,180 Euros, 980 Euros "processing fees" included. This is undoubtedly a lot of “wood” - and is expected to cool the enthusiasm for the popular priced Model 3 significantly and will cool some pre-orders. The exciting question remains, how long Tesla needs to follow up with the entry-level variants. If Musk and his team let it take too long, Chinese and Koreans, but in the medium term also VW and Co., will make them pay off with e-cars for the 30,000 Euros previously massive waiting patient pre-order.