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China · 10. August 2020
Hainan, an island province known as China’s Hawaii, does not only want to be known for sunshine and beaches: It has set an ambitious goal to become the country’s southern hub for technological innovation. The strategy involves offering tech start-ups free rent, reduced tax rates, easier visa policies, and access to government-backed venture capital funding. The first global tech company to commit to a presence on the island was Microsoft, which signed an MOU with the provincial government...
USA · 10. August 2020
The problem is compounded by businesses radically expanding the number of sensors and remote monitors it uses to manage overhead lights in corporate offices and detailed manufacturing processes in factories. Governments, too, are getting into the act – cities, especially, want to use new technologies to improve energy efficiency, reduce traffic congestion and improve water quality. As the world increasingly buys and installs smart devices in their homes, all those cheap interconnected devices...
China · 10. August 2020
ByteDance, the world’s most valuable start-up, has introduced a new video-based social messaging service, “Duoshan”, that aims to become as popular an everyday mobile app in China as Tencent Holdings’ WeChat. Duoshan, which translates to “many flashes”, lets users send text messages and stickers, as well as share images and videos accessible for up to 72 hours, to each other – features that are similar to those of US multimedia messaging app Snapchat and social network Instagram....
China · 10. August 2020
In no country in the world are as many people online as in the Middle Kingdom. They usually use the Internet much more intensively - but they see a completely different way than we in Europe. China's Internet users live in another world. China's Internet is another world behind a wall You can also see it the other way around: If Chinese people get caught up in hotel W-Lan abroad, they suddenly have access to services that they know, if at all, only from hearsay. For example, this foreign world...
USA · 18. May 2019
New US measures that restrict exports to Huawei could cost Silicon Valley billions in lost revenue. The world's biggest telecommunications equipment supplier and No. 2 smartphone seller relies on dozens of American tech companies for key components.
USA · 04. April 2019
US urges France not to tax American tech firms as competition with China heats up. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has urged his French counterpart not to slap a digital services tax on US tech companies. The warning comes as the US and China compete for technological dominance in Europe.
Europe · 10. March 2019
Huawei lunched a new cyber security transparency center on Tuesday in Brussels, Belgium, a direct response to the security debate in Europe ignited by the US government. The 1000-square-meter facility will enable companies to test Huawei's equipment and products.
China · 20. January 2019
Hainan island was designated as China’s 12th free-trade zone by Chinese President Xi Jinping in April last year. In 2017 a total of 269 companies received money from a special fund for internet development
China · 19. January 2019
The accusations around Chinese tech giant Huawei have left phone owners and internet users with a real dilemma. The choice is not so much what features you want on your handset, but which spies you're most comfortable with.