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Middle East · 20. August 2020
“Two ancient Asian cultures, two partners in the sectors of trade, economy, politics, culture and security with a similar outlook and many mutual bilateral and multilateral interests will consider one another strategic partners” – these were the opening words of an 18-page document that confirmed a multi-billion dollar deal between China and Iran that blatantly defies U.S. imposed sanctions against the Islamic Republic. According to The New York Times, the agreement that Iran and China...
China · 10. August 2020
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), is under execution smoothly for the last couple of years and most of the early harvest projects have been completed or are at an advanced stage of completion. The fruits of CPEC projects will be enjoyed by Pakistan in the form of sufficient amount of electricity available almost to everyone, an improved network of roads in almost all parts of Pakistan, the growth of GDP and the country's economic progress as compared to pre-CPEC time. However, there are...
China · 10. August 2020
The recent Saudi confirmation that Riyadh will be investing $10 billion to set up an oil refinery in Pakistan’s deepwater port of Gwadar, which is part of the marquee China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), is a big strategic development. Not only does it shore up the CPEC which aims to build a massive network of roads, railways and power plants across the breadth of Pakistan, but also showcases a new strategic axis comprising Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and China. The Chinese-funded CPEC to...
India · 09. August 2020
International Finance Corporation (IFC), a private equity and venture capital arm of the World Bank Group, is set on climate related investments, with US$20 trillion worth of opportunities in Asia-Pacific and India by 2030. According to the IFC, 60 per cent of the area expected to be urban worldwide by 2030 is yet to be built, as emerging countries develop and migration to cities heightens. This will provide opportunities for US$29.4 trillion of climate-related investments in sectors from...
China · 09. August 2020
Evergrande Group, China’s third-largest property developer by sales, has bought control of a producer of electric vehicles in the country, bolstering its founder’s ambition to diversify from real estate into the emerging industry of next-generation automobiles. The developer will use its subsidiary Evergrande Health Industry Group to pay US$930 million for 51 per cent of National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), according to a statement to the Hong Kong stock exchange, where it is listed....
China · 07. November 2019
China aims to again take the lead in the new global race to make bullet trains travel even faster. By harnessing the power of magnetic levitation, it is believed trains will be able to accelerate from the current 350km/h on conventional tracks to between 600 and 1,000km/h. Changjiang Daily, the official mouthpiece of Wuhan, capital city of Hubei, reported at the end of last month that experimental maglev tracks would be laid in the central province early next year. It cited a key survey carried...
Southeast Asia · 04. April 2019
Many Southeast Asian countries were influenced by major powers such as Japan, the US and some European countries, both economically and politically.
Europe · 23. March 2019
Despite cautions from France and Germany Italy became the first G7 nation to sign up for Beijing’s multibillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative. The deal was struck amid warnings from Rome’s EU partners against negotiating with China alone.
China · 10. March 2019
An ambitious train rail link, designed to connect the Finnish and Estonian capitals through the bottom of the Gulf of Finland, has attracted €15 billion (US$17 billion) from China-owned Touchstone Capital Partners.
Europe · 09. March 2019
Flirting in the Far East - Italy's government wants to get involved in the Chinese mega-project "New Silk Road" - fat deals beckon. But the warnings from Washington and Brussels are clearly visible.

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