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China · 15. August 2020
China's railway network is a fast-paced wonder that helps make exploring this huge country much easier. As Chinese New Year, which marks the largest human migration on the Earth, draws to an end, the growing high-speed rail network carries a significant transport burden with almost 60 percent of the population using it over a four-week period. But it's not just locals who can take advantage of the quick journeys the railway network offers, both domestic and foreign tourists can use the trains...
China · 10. August 2020
In no country in the world are as many people online as in the Middle Kingdom. They usually use the Internet much more intensively - but they see a completely different way than we in Europe. China's Internet users live in another world. China's Internet is another world behind a wall You can also see it the other way around: If Chinese people get caught up in hotel W-Lan abroad, they suddenly have access to services that they know, if at all, only from hearsay. For example, this foreign world...
USA · 09. August 2020
The history of the electric car goes back 200 years Our individual mobility should become cleaner and more sustainable. The greatest source of salvation is above all e-mobility, which is the focus of progress-oriented augurs. It seems as if electrically driven cars are new, exotic, innovative - but looking at the history shows: Actually, the e-car is cold coffee, which is now warmed up to bring the ecological change. (Picture: One of the once great manufacturers of the early electric car boom...
Germany · 09. August 2020
How Germany and China are shaping the future of mobility. One in three cars made by German manufacturing groups VW, BMW and Daimler is sold in China. And one in five of the 24 million cars sold in China is German. Who is benefiting most from this remarkable symbiosis? How will it affect the future of mobility? And what will be the impact on the fleet industry? Global Fleet examines. The future of mobility is electric, autonomous and Chinese. That is the ambition of the Chinese government. The...
China · 09. August 2020
Evergrande Group, China’s third-largest property developer by sales, has bought control of a producer of electric vehicles in the country, bolstering its founder’s ambition to diversify from real estate into the emerging industry of next-generation automobiles. The developer will use its subsidiary Evergrande Health Industry Group to pay US$930 million for 51 per cent of National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), according to a statement to the Hong Kong stock exchange, where it is listed....
China · 07. November 2019
China aims to again take the lead in the new global race to make bullet trains travel even faster. By harnessing the power of magnetic levitation, it is believed trains will be able to accelerate from the current 350km/h on conventional tracks to between 600 and 1,000km/h. Changjiang Daily, the official mouthpiece of Wuhan, capital city of Hubei, reported at the end of last month that experimental maglev tracks would be laid in the central province early next year. It cited a key survey carried...
USA · 18. May 2019
New US measures that restrict exports to Huawei could cost Silicon Valley billions in lost revenue. The world's biggest telecommunications equipment supplier and No. 2 smartphone seller relies on dozens of American tech companies for key components.
Europe · 09. April 2019
A Dutchman completed an epic 95,000 kilometer (59,000 mile) journey by electric car in Sydney Sunday in a bid to prove the viability of such vehicles in tackling climate change.
USA · 04. April 2019
US urges France not to tax American tech firms as competition with China heats up. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has urged his French counterpart not to slap a digital services tax on US tech companies. The warning comes as the US and China compete for technological dominance in Europe.
Southeast Asia · 04. April 2019
Many Southeast Asian countries were influenced by major powers such as Japan, the US and some European countries, both economically and politically.

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