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China · 09. December 2020
The digital yuan cryptocurrency developed by China has the potential to be a gamechanger when it is rolled out fully. By ending the world’s reliance on the dollar, it will alter the geopolitical landscape forever.
China · 15. August 2020
The yuan is going global at an increasingly faster pace, with the currency's cross-border transactions surging by about 24 percent and becoming the world's 5th most often used payment currency in 2019. Experts said that this trend is partly due to overseas companies being increasingly inclined to shun the US dollar for fear that their business will be affected by the Trump administration's hostile policies toward China. The total amount of cross-border yuan payments and receipts by banks was...
China · 15. August 2020
The Middle Kingdom is not only known for its rice and noodles, but has since become an emerging wine country. In addition to the popular rice wine, the Chinese are more and more interested in their own and international wines. In the last five years, China has become the fifth most important wine import market and the fifth largest wine consumption market in the world. But the Chinese not only drink more wine, but also build it up. According to recent figures from the International Organization...
China · 10. August 2020
Hainan, an island province known as China’s Hawaii, does not only want to be known for sunshine and beaches: It has set an ambitious goal to become the country’s southern hub for technological innovation. The strategy involves offering tech start-ups free rent, reduced tax rates, easier visa policies, and access to government-backed venture capital funding. The first global tech company to commit to a presence on the island was Microsoft, which signed an MOU with the provincial government...
China · 10. August 2020
ByteDance, the world’s most valuable start-up, has introduced a new video-based social messaging service, “Duoshan”, that aims to become as popular an everyday mobile app in China as Tencent Holdings’ WeChat. Duoshan, which translates to “many flashes”, lets users send text messages and stickers, as well as share images and videos accessible for up to 72 hours, to each other – features that are similar to those of US multimedia messaging app Snapchat and social network Instagram....
USA · 09. August 2020
The history of the electric car goes back 200 years Our individual mobility should become cleaner and more sustainable. The greatest source of salvation is above all e-mobility, which is the focus of progress-oriented augurs. It seems as if electrically driven cars are new, exotic, innovative - but looking at the history shows: Actually, the e-car is cold coffee, which is now warmed up to bring the ecological change. (Picture: One of the once great manufacturers of the early electric car boom...
Germany · 09. August 2020
How Germany and China are shaping the future of mobility. One in three cars made by German manufacturing groups VW, BMW and Daimler is sold in China. And one in five of the 24 million cars sold in China is German. Who is benefiting most from this remarkable symbiosis? How will it affect the future of mobility? And what will be the impact on the fleet industry? Global Fleet examines. The future of mobility is electric, autonomous and Chinese. That is the ambition of the Chinese government. The...
USA · 09. March 2019
Slap on the face for Customs Policy by Donald Trump. Despite President Donald Trump's tariff policy, the deficit in the US trade balance in December has risen to its highest level in over ten years
Europe · 03. March 2019
The life of electric car batteries is estimated by the manufacturers to be at least five years. But after the first life they should not immediately in the hazardous waste. There are ideas on how to get the batteries into a second life.
China · 02. March 2019
China is speeding up to build a recycling system for electric-vehicle batteries. The purpose is to control environmental pollution and curb the waste of metal resources as the country is seeing a surging use of traction batteries due to the rapid development of its new energy vehicles (NEV).

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