About Us

We are a team of freelance journalists and business people scattered around the world, all of whom are interested in taking part in the development of the new market - the Asia-Euro Zone. Our journalists follow the world press and the business people live and work in the Asia-Euro Zone - both groups complement each other and together they provide the reader with a neutral picture of the numerous activities within this rapidly growing market.


Of course, we are increasingly devoting ourselves to the developments in China, Russia, India and the entire Asian region - there is the greatest potential and there lies our future. The creation of the Asia-Euro region with the revitalization of the old Silk Road or the One Belt One Road Initiative (BRI) as China calls it, it is a project of unprecedented scope. It has and will have an impact on the global economy. Linked to this is the emergence of a new economic union among the BRICS countries.


There is so much to research, study and of course to read.