Welcome to the first entry in our new website, Asia-Euro Review, which will be offering analysis and insight on the Asia-Euro Zone from a wide array of experts in Moscow, Beijing, Singapore, Dehli, Riyadh and many other locations.


As we start this site, key questions come to mind: What is the Asia-Euro Zone? Is it merely a new name for the Russian Federation, which sits, physically, between Europe and Asia?


To quite a few, the Asia-Euro Zone continues to stand partially for the former Soviet Union. But is that still a relevant definition almost a quarter-century after the breakup of the historical Russian empire? No way! The former USSR will not reemerge, for example in the form of a Eurasian Union—as some hope, and others fear.


So the only Asia-Euro Zone that exists is the grand physical continent itself, extending from Portugal to Chukotka in Russia’s far east and from Norway to Malaysia and that includes China.


Of course, it does not make sense to discuss the whole of a place so big and diverse at any one time. Yet we believe that the Asia-Euro Region as a frame of reference reflects the twenty-first-century notion of an interconnected continent.


China, its eastern center, exercises ever-greater influence, especially economic, across both Asia and Europe. The European Union is reaching out, again primarily economically, to China and the rest of Asia. The impulse produced by the Arab Awakening concerns everyone: Europeans, Chinese, and Russians. Having ceased to be the center of Eurasia, Russia remains an interesting piece of the puzzle, holding the continent’s balance, as some argue, in its hands.


This site will not be Russia-centric, but Russia will get a fair amount of attention from contributors and so will China. Some of them are Russian or Chinese themselves; others are businessmen from India and the Middle East; still others are focused on various parts of Eurasia where Russia continues to play an important role.


I hope you enjoy reading our stories and thoughts, and of course your involvement and comments as readers are very welcome.




Asia-Euro Review Team