Europe · 09. April 2019
A Dutchman completed an epic 95,000 kilometer (59,000 mile) journey by electric car in Sydney Sunday in a bid to prove the viability of such vehicles in tackling climate change.
Europe · 23. March 2019
Despite cautions from France and Germany Italy became the first G7 nation to sign up for Beijing’s multibillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative. The deal was struck amid warnings from Rome’s EU partners against negotiating with China alone.
Europe · 10. March 2019
Huawei lunched a new cyber security transparency center on Tuesday in Brussels, Belgium, a direct response to the security debate in Europe ignited by the US government. The 1000-square-meter facility will enable companies to test Huawei's equipment and products.
Europe · 09. March 2019
Flirting in the Far East - Italy's government wants to get involved in the Chinese mega-project "New Silk Road" - fat deals beckon. But the warnings from Washington and Brussels are clearly visible.
Europe · 03. March 2019
The life of electric car batteries is estimated by the manufacturers to be at least five years. But after the first life they should not immediately in the hazardous waste. There are ideas on how to get the batteries into a second life.
Europe · 29. January 2019
The crisis currency gold stock market chart is highly sought after on Tuesday. In the morning, the price of a troy ounce (about 31 grams) of the precious metal rose to $ 1,309. This is the highest level since June 2018.