Germany · 09. August 2020
How Germany and China are shaping the future of mobility. One in three cars made by German manufacturing groups VW, BMW and Daimler is sold in China. And one in five of the 24 million cars sold in China is German. Who is benefiting most from this remarkable symbiosis? How will it affect the future of mobility? And what will be the impact on the fleet industry? Global Fleet examines. The future of mobility is electric, autonomous and Chinese. That is the ambition of the Chinese government. The...
Germany · 13. February 2019
Will there be a head-on collision between Germany, a country known around the world for its rich heritage in the vehicle industry, and China, which has stood out in recent years in new-energy car technologies - or can there can be a win-win solution in this area?
Germany · 28. January 2019
Are you kidding me? Cheap EV’s? Was is worth waiting for? Well, that's not the case with Model 3 from Tesla. Because for the first vehicles, which start rolling in March, whopping prices are being asked.